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Facility Infrastructure
Facilities Infrastructure has become a key issue for broadcasters and the vendors that serve them in recent years. The huge growth in the number of systems being installed has placed more importance on the ability of the power and network back up systems running in those buildings than ever before.

As many new systems are 'mission critical' to the broadcaster, loss of power or failure due to power outages or power "events" can mean a major loss of revenue.

Additionally, workgroup servers in the back office are becoming more critical to the performance and availability of larger networked systems throughout facilities. A failure of a critical server can bring down a larger networked system, this can mean a major loss of revenue or even going off-air in some situations.

I-Bus 19" rack mount computer servers, offer features like hot-swap PSU, hot-swap SCSI storage, RAID and SNMP System Monitoring that can help customers manage their servers. Additionally, the exceptional internal cooling prolongs component life (MTBF) and easy-to-maintain design means lower mean times to repair (MTTR).

I-Bus systems feature up to 99.999% availability based on the PICMG Compact PCI standard. With features like hot-swap CPU and expansion cards - systems can remain 'up' even after critical component faults or when being maintained or upgraded.

Server platforms can be made available as part of a clustering solution providing automatic CPU to CPU fail over in the event of a problem or planned maintenance event for almost continuous system availability - vital in key revenue generating systems.

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