High Availability Computing Solutions

From Concept to Completion
Our design and development teams are experts in quickly transforming concepts into solutions. We work closely with our customers to determine how best to fit our core competencies to theirs, and create solutions using power and computing technologies based on standard PCI platforms, and CompactPCI platforms to fit the specific needs of the customer. We match our added value to yours, combining rather than competing our efforts to provide the most efficient working partnership possible.

At I-Bus, we apply our extensive technological and industry application knowledge to your product and market requirements, working with your team to develop the right specifications. During this phase, we also validate the performance and integration capabilities of our power and computing systems to ensure that they meet your system and application requirements. You can take advantage of our Best of Breed Partners Program, where products for a wide range of vertical market applications have been certified and tested in Application Ready platforms, with established support, training, supply and maintenance plans. Or, you can take advantage of our extensive systems engineering capabilities to ensure that hardware or software solutions you choose can be successfully deployed for your applications.

Design and Development
As an ISO9001:2000 accredited company, I-Bus uses an award winning development process from specification through product delivery, ensuring the highest degree of performance and efficiency in meeting the needs of the market. Our design engineers utilize state-of-the-art CAE/CAD systems. With these tools, they develop new solutions rapidly and efficiently, allowing your company time to respond to new market conditions. Complete design, configuration, and operational and service documentation are produced to your specification at each stage of the development.

Our rapid prototyping results in a functional, working model of your system, reflecting the appearance and operational capability of the final product. During this phase, our team tests the design and works with you to ensure your complete satisfaction with the end solution. With design teams in the USA and Europe, we are well placed to meet the needs of customers on both Continents quickly and efficiently.
Agency Testing
All platforms are developed, tested, and certified to the agency requirements specified and legally required locally by you and your customer. I-Bus has extensive experience in both designing and certifying products and systems to the latest worldwide UL, cUL, CE, CSA, NEBS and IEC code stipulations.
First Articles
First articles are built by our trained production team using Manufacturing Assembly Instructions (MAI's) available on demand via our intranet manufacturing system. Your platforms are built, validated and tested from the assembly stage through final inspection. First article models are then delivered to you for your company's internal system test and integration procedures.
Custom designed and modified standard power and computing systems are produced in our modern ISO 9001:2000 factory. Our MRP and quality systems, short lead times, worldwide drop-ship capability and Just-in-Time manufacturing system provide you with the time and cost advantage you need to be competitive in your markets. I-Bus provides a globally available Virtual Manufacturing model, allowing you to take advantage of our ability to deliver the same product from any of our manufacturing facilities world wide. We can even ship direct to your customer, with complete product branding services delivered around the globe.
Company Profile
Quality and Compliance
Total OEM Program Support
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What makes us different

With in-house manufacturing facilities, I-Bus has the ability to meet custom requirements ranging from minor yet critical modifications to an existing product, to a totally new OEM product specification for delivery to the global marketplace - without the underlying design constraints, costs and logistical issues faced by our competitors. I-Bus is able to offer OEMs integrated solutions when the following factors are needed: high-reliability, quality products, fast response, full system certification, complete configuration control and stability of supply. By gaining a thorough understanding of your company, your product, your customers and your market, we will offer a complete design and engineering service to bring your solutions to the marketplace. Our Value Added Integrator Program allows us to manufacture our systems in conjunction with leading industry suppliers. In this way, we can deliver specific, fully tested and configured solutions which offer major advantages not only in terms of system performance, flexibility and revision control, but also in terms of on-going cost benefits. We are a founder member of PICMG group and member of the
Intel Embedded Group and a Sun Master VAI to name but a few.

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