High Availability Computing Solutions

Ericsson is the largest supplier of mobile systems in the world. The world’s 10 largest mobile operators are among Ericsson’s customers and some 40% of all mobile calls are made through Ericsson systems. Ericsson provides total solutions covering everything from systems and applications to services and core technology for mobile handsets.
With Sony Ericsson we also are a top supplier of complete mobile multi-media products. Ericsson has been active worldwide since 1876 and the company has today around 76,000 employees in more than 140 countries. The headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

For All Your Computer Telephony Needs  
Through a customer-focused approach to development, Aculab have produced a computer telephony product portfolio that satisfies the speech resource and global digital connectivity requirements of developers and system integrators. CT applications utilising Aculab's components can handle real-time telephony, through an extensive range of resources and signalling systems.
The evolution of Aculab's generic API, to provide a consistent programming interface, reduces the integration time of a combination of technologies including Text-To-Speech (TTS), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), conferencing and fax. Collectively through supporting a broad range of industry standards and operating systems, Aculab can provide the products needed when quality and performance cannot be compromised.

The Global Leader in Open Computer Telephony
Dialogic®, an Intel Company, provides the critical building blocks and technical services that enable its customers to develop solutions serving the converging Internet and telecommunications market segments. Dialogic products are used in voice, fax, data, speech recognition and synthesis, call centre management and Internet Protocol (IP) telephony applications in both customer premise equipment (CPE) and public network environments. Headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, Dialogic operates globally, with 17 offices in 13 countries and is strategically positioned to offer its global partners a wide range of support services.

  Sun Microsystems
High-Performance Technology for the Dot-Com Age    
Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., Sun Microsystems, Microelectronics, designs, delivers and markets the high-performance technology that is defining the Dot-Com Age. This includes microprocessors, processor cores, and processor boards based on Sun's SPARC and MAJC architectures. In addition to powering Sun's powerful line of servers and workstations, Sun's Microelectronics supplies products to OEMs in the computer, communication equipment, service provider and embedded computing markets, enabling them to Build for the Dot-Com Age.

  Natural Microsystems
Enabling Technology And Services For Developers Of High Value Telecommunications Solutions
Natural MicroSystems (NASDAQ: NMSS) is the technology leader enabling the world's top networking and communication equipment suppliers to create and accelerate New Network infrastructure and services. We design, develop and supply network-quality hardware and software components and provide design and customisation services.
Our products and technologies are deployed in close to 50 countries at the foundation of today's high-value communications systems, including network-based enhanced service platforms, wireless networks, media servers, unified messaging platforms, web-enabled call centres and VoIP and other communications gateways.

Offering the only off-the-shelf, cross-platform service availability solution   

GoAhead Software is leading the way in the emerging market for service availability software by offering total-system solutions that not only enable 99.999% ("five-nines") or system uptime, but also meet the more difficult challenge of ensuring uninterrupted service. GoAhead offers the only off-the-shelf, cross-platform service availability solution. Product features include remote access and control, remote upgrading, fault detection and recovery, configuration management and automatic switchover to redundant components.

GoAhead's solutions maintain service availability for Internet and telecom users, accelerate time-to-market for equipment manufacturers and Website operators, and reduce equipment and site support costs.

  Continuous Computing
Enabling Technology And Services For Developers Of High Value Telecommunications Solutions
Continuous Computing Corporation is the leading provider of High-Availability Platform Solutions for telecom equipment manufacturers. We design and manufacture NEBS-compliant, Central Office-ready platforms, components, and middleware for all major Voice-over-packet, IP Optical, and 2.5G/3G Wireless applications, as well as offering a full suite of professional services including custom hardware and software development and product lifecycle management.

  Momentum Computer
Designs and manufactures high performance embedded processor and I/O boards for the most demanding applications.
Momentum Computer is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high performance embedded processor and I/O boards for the most demanding applications. "Momentum Works" when you need fast time to market with quality and performance.
Momentum Computer is structured to work as an extension of our customers' engineering teams, designing products to meet the specific architectural, environmental, performance and schedule requirements of each customer's project. We enjoy the challenge of solving customers' problems and meeting the demanding schedules needed to get your products to market in a timely manner.
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