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Continuous Computing has invested more than six years developing upSuite, an award-winning platform management solution for telecom infrastructure. The upSuite technologies enable application developers to quickly and cost-effectively implement highly reliable and scalable systems for the core of the network.

Powerful shelf and system management software addresses operational considerations while making it easy to monitor and manage the entire solution with confidence. Numerous leading telecom equipment manufacturers worldwide have deployed upSuite software across a variety of applications for wireless, VoIP and signaling products.

upSuite has been designed to provide nearly any telecom application with seamless operational, administration, management and provisioning (OAM&P) capability that meets the stringent reliability requirements of the central office. The software is based on industry standards and may be deployed on Intel*, PowerPC* and SPARC* processor system architectures.

Key Features

  • BIOS update and configuration setting
  • Blade diagnostics
  • Chassis IP address management
  • Console management
  • High Availability boot server
  • Reliable NFS server
  • Service Availability Forum Application Interface Specifications (SAF AIS)
    - Availability Management Framework
    - Cluster Membership Service
    - Checkpoint Service
    - Event Service
    - Message Service
    - Distribution Lock Service
    - Real Time File Replication
  • Unified Hardware Platform Interface (SA Forum HPI)


upSuite HA (High Availability) is an award-winning middleware product that provides application transparent high availability (99.999% up-time) for essential telecom central office functions such as billing, OAM&P (operations, administration, maintenance, and provisioning), call processing, and network element management. Designed originally for Solaris and now available on Linux, the product employs a simple and intuitive active/standby architecture and offers the following three primary capabilities:
  • Provides real-time file replication at the file-system level;
  • Provides sub-second detection of critical hardware, software, or network faults; and
  • Enables sub-second failover from an active to a standby server to ensure continuous service operation.

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